Services: Artifact Illustration, Photogrammetry, Editing

Artifact Illustration

Dr. Abigail Crawford received training in artifact illustration at the Museu Nacional de Arqueologia in Lisbon, Portugal and has produced illustrations for the Torre de Palma Project (Monforte, Portugal), Fountain of the Lamps Excavation (Corinth, Greece), and Gabii Project (Gabii, Italy).

Your artifacts will be drawn to the standards you request and you will receive the digitally or hand-inked final drawings for your publications, reports, or online display.

Why Invest in Artifact Illustration?

Artifact illustration is relied upon to convey a level of detail and clarity that is often unachievable with photography. Tool marks and surface irregularities are some of the aspects that illustration is able to express. Illustration also allows for visual extrapolation of shape, size, or design of fragmentary objects. Ceramic profiles, for instance, concisely present the shape of a vessel, allowing for discussion of shape development or comparison to other vessels. High contrast black and white illustrations also tend to photocopy much better than their photographed counterparts, and lend a polished, professional look to publications.

Dr. Crawford is a self-taught photogrammetrist who has produced hundreds of 3D models for museums and organizations throughout the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas. Some of her clients include the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, Rosicrucian Museum, and The Hermitage Santa Barbara.

After an in-depth consultation about your organization’s collections, needs, and budget, followed by one or more photography sessions, you will receive accurate, textured renderings that help connect viewers to the tangible past and enhance your understanding of your collections.

Why Invest in Photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry can be used to model objects in 3D. It may be used in place of, or in addition to, traditional artifact illustration, and permits a viewer to interactively manipulate an image in order to see all sides of it. The products of photogrammetry can be included in artifact records, digital publications, and displayed in online exhibits, used as educational tools, or 3D printed.

Other Services: Editing, Website Maintenance, Content Management

Dr. Crawford has extensive experience developing and maintaining small business websites, and editing and managing web content, including blog articles and email communications.

For examples of her work in these areas, please contact or check out her Upwork profile.